About the Authors

Great Peacemakers is written by husband and wife team Ken Beller and Heather Chase.

Ken Beller is founder and president of Near Bridge, Inc., a consulting firm that offers empowering perspectives and specializes in generational and cultural diversity and visionary leadership. Ken is the lead author of the highly praised book, The Consistent Consumer: Predicting Future Behavior Through Lasting Values. An acclaimed public speaker and international business leader, Ken has worked in more than twenty countries leading innovative programs for some of the world’s most prominent companies and organizations. A passionate and captivating speaker, Ken draws on his unique experience as a business leader, peace advocate, and award-winning author in presentations that inform and inspire. To learn more about his presentations, click here.

Heather Chase is the founder of Models with Conscience, an international group of models dedicated to promoting animal-friendly and environmentally-conscious products and causes. She is the author of Beauty without the Beasts: a Guide to Cruelty-Free Personal Care. For seven years she served as the awards plaque presenter for The Humane Society of the United States’ annual Genesis Awards, which are televised nationwide and honor the major media for raising awareness of animal issues. She has received a Positive Notes Award from the Earth Island Journal and a Giraffe Award from The Giraffe Project for “sticking her neck out for the common good.”

Ken and Heather are working to promote peaceful and sustainable living throughout the world. They live in an environmentally-friendly cast earth/straw bale home in the American Southwest with their adopted dog, Buddy.

Upcoming Online Course

Ken and Heather are currently developing an interactive e-course/online retreat revealing life-changing insights of great peacemakers. To be notified when it is ready, sign up here.


Testimonial Aurora Realin

“Ken brings a wealth of information presented in a dynamic, interactive way. Get ready to be engaged and informed!”
–Aurora Realin, Manager, Florida Hospital

Testimonial Jan-Jan-Lam

“One of the best trainings I have attended. It is valuable from a personal and professional level.”
–Jan-Jan Lam, Manager, Disney University

Testimonial Dr Lisa Barkley

“Eye-opening and meaningful. Ken has an upbeat and positive delivery of material…”
–Lisa Barkley, MD, Assistant Dean, UCF College of Medicine