A Day of Community Service

A sense of camaraderie, a taste of volunteering without long-term commitment, and the uplifting feeling of helping others… Heather and her mother enjoyed these benefits by participating in Mitzvah (Good Deed) Day—an intergenerational, interfaith, spirit-led day of community service.

Part of an international network (www.mitzvahday.org.uk/), […]

Nearly 10,000 Great Peacemakers eBooks Given Away

As you might remember, to celebrate the International Day of Peace, we offered Great Peacemakers eBooks free for three days and are delighted to announce that nearly 10,000 eBooks were given away!

With your help spreading the word and lots of online promotion on Facebook, […]

Great Peacemakers eBook Free September 21-23

To celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2013, LTS Press is offering the Great Peacemakers eBook free at Amazon.com from Sept. 21-23. That’s right, it will be completely free, with no strings attached. We won’t even be collecting e-mail addresses. To […]

Students’ Big Book for Peace

What was the highlight of your middle and high school years? For some, it might be getting a high SAT score or helping their school winning the state football championship. Well, for a group of determined students in Massachusetts, it’s probably fair to say […]

Our Biggest Obstacle to Inner Peace

Isn’t it nice when your work life enhances your personal life? For us, studying great peacemakers and their wisdom does that. In fact, it’s often a series of one “aha moment” after another, giving us new perspectives on challenges we face and helping us […]