Great Peacemakers eBook Free September 21-23

To celebrate the International Day of Peace on September 21, 2013, LTS Press is offering the Great Peacemakers eBook free at from Sept. 21-23. That’s right, it will be completely free, with no strings attached. We won’t even be collecting e-mail addresses. To […]

Japanese and Korean Editions

Isn’t it amazing when synchronicities happen? That’s how our book came to be available in Japanese and Korean editions. A few years ago, we had extra copies of an early pre-publication edition. We decided to donate them to a peace education conference in Ohio. […]

How We Chose the Peacemakers

Many people ask us, “Why didn’t you include so-and-so in your book?” For us, one of the most interesting and challenging parts of writing Great Peacemakers was choosing who to include in it. To begin, we built a database of more than 250 candidates. […]

Why We Wrote Great Peacemakers

Why did we write Great Peacemakers? The short answer is to celebrate the peacemakers and uplift and inspire our readers. The long answer is that it wasn’t so much of a decision, as a process. Soon after we got married, an idea started to […]