Our Biggest Obstacle to Inner Peace

Isn’t it nice when your work life enhances your personal life? For us, studying great peacemakers and their wisdom does that. In fact, it’s often a series of one “aha moment” after another, giving us new perspectives on challenges we face and helping us […]

How We Chose the Peacemakers

Many people ask us, “Why didn’t you include so-and-so in your book?” For us, one of the most interesting and challenging parts of writing Great Peacemakers was choosing who to include in it. To begin, we built a database of more than 250 candidates. […]

Co-writing as Marriage Counseling

Sometimes, people say that if a couple can survive building a house together (with all the countless decisions to face and agree on), their marriage is pretty strong. We can report that the same can be said about writing a book together. In fact, […]

Why We Wrote Great Peacemakers

Why did we write Great Peacemakers? The short answer is to celebrate the peacemakers and uplift and inspire our readers. The long answer is that it wasn’t so much of a decision, as a process. Soon after we got married, an idea started to […]