How We Chose the Peacemakers

Many people ask us, “Why didn’t you include so-and-so in your book?” For us, one of the most interesting and challenging parts of writing Great Peacemakers was choosing who to include in it. To begin, we built a database of more than 250 candidates. […]

Co-writing as Marriage Counseling

Sometimes, people say that if a couple can survive building a house together (with all the countless decisions to face and agree on), their marriage is pretty strong. We can report that the same can be said about writing a book together. In fact, […]

Peacemaking in the Classroom

Who did we write Great Peacemakers for? We wrote it for everyone from middle-school students to their great-grandparents. We wanted to see the amazing peacemakers stories reach all ages, especially giving young people positive role models and powerful insights that could make a difference […]