10 Life-Changing Insights of Great Peacemakers eCourse

What if you could sit down with some of the most inspiring people of our time—Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, and others—and get their lifetimes of wisdom distilled into a set of simple, powerful insights to transform your life? This convenient e-course is the next best thing!

Join award-winning authors Ken Beller and Heather Chase as they reveal 10 life-changing insights gleaned from years of studying these and other great peacemakers. Discover the insights through engaging stories, videos, and quotes, and fun, personalized exercises to help you apply the insights directly to your own unique situation and challenges.

Gain wisdom and tools for enjoying less stress and conflict, and greater inner peace within yourself, harmony in your relationships, and meaning and fulfillment in your life. As the peacemakers show, such wisdom can change the world. It can also change your life!

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