We are happily offering copies of our award-winning book, Great Peacemakers, as thank you gifts for donors to the powerful new film, The Last Pig. Peacemakers and pigs—what’s the connection? Good question!

As English scholar Henry Salt said, “… as we treat our fellow beings, ‘the animals,’ so shall we treat our fellow men.” Many other peacemakers agreed, among them Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, Dr. Albert Schweitzer, and more. Whether they referred to it as the creed of kinship, ahimsa, universal compassion, or reverence for life, they all believed that a crucial step in creating a more peaceful world is extending compassion to all living beings.

The Last Pig tells the true story of one man’s awakening of such compassion. That man is Bob Comis, a pig farmer grappling with a heart-wrenching crisis of conscience.

Made by 6 time Emmy Award-winning producer Allison Argo (whom Heather is honored to call her friend) and award-winning cinematographer Joseph Brunette, the film follows Bob as he makes the brave decision to live in line with his conscience.

However, that decision meant toppling his entire business—just when it was becoming profitable! How will he make a living now? What will happen to his pigs? With soul-bearing narration, The Last Pig follows Bob’s journey of change, a sense of which can be seen in the trailer here.

A shorter version of the film and a companion guide will be available for younger audiences. This powerful resource for humane education and character education will pose important questions about personal ethics, the value of life, and more.

So far, the film has been funded completely by Allison and Joe. But they are tapped out and need help, so they have launched a crowdfunding campaign on www.Indiegogo.com. Great Peacemakers is a thank you gift at several donation levels, starting at $85. We believe it is a perfect fit, since the book and the film share such a similar spirit.

To support this heart-opening film, get your signed book, and share the link with others, please click here.

Thank you for, like Bob, daring to care.