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The Workshop

In the workshop, you’ll gain lifetimes of wisdom from some of the world’s greatest peacemakers—Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and more—distilled into 10 insights to make the rest of your life the best of your life.

You’ll learn how the peacemakers used these insights to change the world—and how you can use them to change your life!

The Transformation

You’ll discover…

  • How these insights can save a relationship—it saved the presenters’ marriage
  • The 2-minute activity that can boost your happiness by 25%
  • The #1 hindrance to personal growth, and how you can avoid it
  • The one simple thing you can do to save a life every day
  • How you can live 10 years longer (without changes in diet or exercise)
  • The #1 regret of the dying, and how you can prevent it
  • What psychic income is and how you can get more of it
  • A fun way to be 31% more productive
  • An innovative way to immediately reduce stress and frustration
  • Clarity about your passion and purpose in life
  • …and much more!

The Presenters

All this will be explored through a rich multimedia presentation revealing the insights, meaningful exercises applying the insights to your own life, and lively group discussion in a friendly environment.

Husband and wife Ken Beller and Heather Chase are co-authors of the book Great Peacemakers, winner of 38 awards and endorsed by 3 presidents and 3 Nobel Peace Prize winners. Ken and Heather create fun, inspiring educational programs for an array of organizations, from schools to Fortune 500 companies.  


Testimonial Ulrich Brugger

“One of the best workshops we’ve ever hosted”
—Ulrich Brugger, Founder, The Ojai Retreat

Testimonial Ruth Bond

“Blew me away… at no time did I look at a clock or my phone…a miracle!”
—Ruth Bond

Testimonial Ernie Baillargeon

“Truly life-changing…extremely important values that relate to all of humanity”
—Ernie Baillargeon

Testimonial Dr. Denise Thomson

“One ‘Aha!’ moment after another”
—Dr. Denise Thomson

Testimonial Bill Hertan

“Outstanding message, outstanding presentation”
—Bill Hertan

Dr. Lee Gardenswartz

“So rich, highly impactful”
—Dr. Lee Gardenswartz


The Details

You’ll receive complementary…

  • Guided 21-day post-workshop implementation plan (to help you integrate the insights into your life)
  • Optional membership in online “alumni” group (for ongoing friendship and support)

Limited seats are available for each workshop, preference will be given to people who’ve indicated interest through this form.

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