Isn’t it amazing when synchronicities happen? That’s how our book came to be available in Japanese and Korean editions. A few years ago, we had extra copies of an early pre-publication edition. We decided to donate them to a peace education conference in Ohio. As luck would have it, one of the attendees was a professor from Japan who received a copy and loved it. When he got back to Japan, he shared it with a big publishing company there, encouraging them to translate and publish it. Sure enough, they did and now the Japanese edition is being used in several education programs in Japan. We are truly grateful to that professor!

Then somehow, word about the book reached across the Sea of Japan to South Korea. Without us asking, a publishing company approached us and requested permission to translate and publish the book there too. Of course, we want to get the wisdom of these amazing peacemakers to as many people as possible, so we happily agreed. Needless to say, we are delighted about these translated editions and hope they are the first of many more to be published throughout the world.

This experience reminds us that we just never know how one small act of kindness, done with a positive intention (in this case, donating books to the peace education conference) might grow and develop into something much more than we ever expected. We are definitely open to the possibilities!