We are delighted to report that the test run of our new personal growth workshop, 10 Life-changing Insights of Great Peacemakers, was a success! We just returned from introducing the workshop at the beautiful Ojai Retreat in Ojai, California. We’ve been building the workshop for about a year and at the generous invitation of the retreat’s founder and executive director, Ulrich Brugger, were thrilled to unveil it at the Ojai Retreat. This lovely oasis of peace in Ojai, a town with an emphasis on spirituality and personal development, was an ideal setting for the program’s debut.

The experience began with a free introductory session on Friday evening. In it, we revealed how working on Great Peacemakers saved our marriage and gave us so many opportunities to practice what we were writing about—peacemaking. We then briefly introduced all 20 peacemakers from the book and from whom the ten insights were drawn, including Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Jane Goodall, and others.

On Saturday, ten wonderful people joined us for the full-day personal growth workshop. In it, we explored what we’ve found to be ten key secrets the peacemakers used to change the world, and that we all can use to change our lives. Through a multimedia presentation, the insights were brought to life, and through short exercises, these insights were able to be applied directly to each participant’s real-world current situations to help them reduce stress, improve relationships, and make their special contribution to the world. We were grateful for how this intimate group was so engaged, eagerly participating and sharing their own insights with us. The day flew by and at the end, we felt surrounded by a group of supportive friends.

Our goal for this day was to help the participants make the rest of their life, the best of their life! We hope we did and the responses on their feedback forms indicated they were very pleased with the day. They gave the workshop an average rating of 9.4 out of 10 stars and shared many favorable comments, such as: “very informative, well-constructed, presented with heart,” and, “outstanding message, outstanding presentation by both presenters, excellent quality of photos, quotes, and suggestions for reflection and action,” plus, “Ken and Heather created a very friendly, safe atmosphere where we could go deep into the work,” as well as, “well-paced and informative—a joy.” Not bad for the first test run and our first time presenting this material together. Whew!

There were also helpful suggestions for improvement, which we plan to incorporate before re-testing the workshop this winter and then launching it nationally. In time, we plan to make this personal growth workshop into an online e-course, so people all around the world can enjoy this powerful experience. Please wish us luck and stay tuned!