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Part One:  Choosing Nonviolence

1. Henry David Thoreau:  Living Deliberately

2. Mahatma Gandhi:  Nonviolent Resistance

3. Martin Luther King, Jr.:  Daring to Dream

4. Anderson Sá:  An Instrument of Change

Part Two:  Living Peace

5. Mother Teresa:  Love in Action

6. Thich Nhat Hanh:  Being Peace

7. Colman McCarthy:  Teaching Peace

8. Oscar Arias:  “Us” Refers to All of Humankind

Part Three:  Honoring Diversity

9. Bruno Hussar:  Interfaith Harmony

10. Desmond Tutu:  All Belong

11. Riane Eisler:  Partnership, Not Domination

12. The Dalai Lama:  Universal Compassion

Part Four:  Valuing All Life

13. Henry Salt:  The Creed of Kinship

14. Albert Schweitzer:  Reverence for Life

15. Astrid Lindgren:  A Voice for the Voiceless

16. Jane Goodall:  Realizing Our Humanity

Part Five:  Caring for the Planet

17. Rachel Carson:  The Balance of Nature

18. David Suzuki:  Redefining Progress

19. Nader Khalili:  Sustainable Community

20. Wangari Maathai:  Planting Seeds of Peace




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