For Educators 

Why teach Great Peacemakers?

  • Used in middle school through graduate school
  • Easy to read, concise, and illustrated
  • Free study guides (discussion questions, lesson plans, etc.)
  • Supplements English, history, and other subjects
  • Available in print, e-book, audio book, and e-course formats
  • Introduces diverse positive role models, important social issues, and examples of nonviolent conflict resolution
  • Educators are reporting positive behavior change in students studying the book
  • Much more!
Such powerful stories can change lives.
IS magazine
Invaluable for helping the youth of today become the responsible adults of tomorrow.
—Dr. Kwok-Sze Richard Wong, executive director, American School Counselor Association
IS magazine
Great Peacemakers
 should be required reading for the youth of the world.
—Dr. Oscar Arias, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of Costa Rica
Has a motivational as well as educational effect
—The Journal of Moral Education
IS magazine
—Dr. Kwok-Sze Richard Wong, executive director, American School Counselor Association
—Dr. Oscar Arias, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of Costa Rica
—The Journal of Moral Education

When I was entering the seventh grade, the principal assigned a book for summer readingGreat Peacemakers. I never thought I would enjoy summer reading so much! Now, I am beginning my career as a middle school teacher. When asked what books I would read with my class, Great Peacemakers popped up. Educators all around the world are teaching this book to young people, and it’s working! My students are loving learning about these peacemakers, and I hope one day they will become great peacemakers of the next generation.

Scott Hilliard, middle school teacher in Belize

Free Review Copy

If you are an educator interested in using Great Peacemakers with your students, we are happy to send you a free evaluation copy to see if it is a good fit for your courses.


Free Study Guides

To make it simple to use the book in your courses, (middle school to university), free study guides are available. They are complete with easy-to-use lesson plans, discussion questions, and more.

Online Course

Change Your Life with Great Peacemakers

The inspiring true life stories of the peacemakers, plus practical ways students can use the peacemakers' insights to improve their daily lives. The course is for high school age and above.  



This book should be in every young adult’s personal library. I will use it again and again and would highly recommend it to any teacher.


The book you guys wrote has deeply inspired me. I have even told my family about the book and we are going to buy a copy for them to read. Thank you deeply for writing this book.


After reading this book I decided to work for the peaceful world... Even if I lose my way, it must be alright because this book always makes me consider if what I'm doing is correct.


I’m glad to have found and read this book. Thank you so much for writing this book.
—Joellen Hudgins, middle school teacher in the U.S.


—Unsolicited message from a middle school student in the U.S.
—Unsolicited message from a high school student in Japan
—Unsolicited message from a college student in Japan

Wide-scale Reading


Great Peacemakers’ interdisciplinary nature makes it ideal for wide-scale reading. For example, a school in Pennsylvania used it with 1000+ students and staff. Afterward, educators were surveyed and 100% said they would recommend Great Peacemakers to other educators!

For such programs, bulk discounts start at as few as 10 books. For details about wide-scale reading or bulk discounts, please contact us.