That’s how we felt when we found out our book, Great Peacemakers, was being read and discussed by the adult study group at First Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

Living on the other side of the country and not knowing even one person in South Carolina, we don’t know how they discovered our book. But, we’re so glad they did—and so glad they told us!

With about 25 members, the group was led by educator, curriculum developer, and church elder Nan McDaniel and Dr. Thomas McDaniel, Senior Vice President of Converse College (Retired) and former Associate Director of the MAT Program at Johns Hopkins University.

Divided in two sub-groups, participants studied Great Peacemakers over several weeks. As they explored the lives and insights of Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama, and others, Dr. McDaniel kept us up-to-date on how things were going, with comments like:

“…this interesting and important book…[is] promoting excellent and spirited discussion!”

As the program concluded, Dr. McDaniel gave us feedback from participants, showing how the experience had engaged, challenged, and inspired them:

“[The book shares] surprisingly simple ways to make peace with our fellow humans—but [it’s] harder than it looks.”

“Oh, that all people would use the ideas here to make life more peaceful!”

“Mother Teresa: love in action—what a daily challenge!”

“[This] broadened my concept of peacemakers to animal rights and the environment.”

“[I] agreed with so many peacemakers who said violence was not the answer to human problems.”

“[I] liked the consistent format for each chapter and how the lives of the peacemakers intertwined.”

“[The book gives] especially good info about how childhood experiences influenced each of [the peacemakers].”

“[The book shows] a person does not need wealth and higher education to make a difference in our troubled world.”

“[I’m] inspired by the many peacemakers and resolve to buy products from companies who are not cruel to animals.”

“[This is] a book that is succinct, informative, challenging, and inspiring.”

In the end, Dr. McDaniel posted a glowing review of Great Peacemakers on Amazon, calling it:

“[A] great book for study and discussion for church and book clubs… a first-rate foundation for discussion about every kind of peacemaking.”

We thank all the participants for taking time to read our book, explore the peacemakers’ insights, and share this much-appreciated feedback. It means so much to us!

We can’t wait to find out where the book finds it way next!