Ken recently returned from Orlando, where he gave several speeches, workshops, presentations, and consulting sessions. This included a workshop for the Central Florida Diversity Learning Series on reconsidering recruitment, retention, and retirement through the lens of generational diversity. It also included a keynote speech for the Beacon Network on collaborative leadership, with examples from some of history’s most effective leaders—great peacemakers.

To our delight, all of the sessions were home runs! Participants’ feedback forms were peppered with words like, “Excellent,” “superb,” “fantastic,” and “inspiring.”

It looks like many of these sessions will grow into extended consulting and expanded workshops, such as one we’re creating about the peacemakers’ leadership style of influence and inspiration, rather than command and control.

It’s wonderful to see the peacemakers’ wisdom reaching people from middle school students to senior business leaders! The reception this material is receiving and the difference it is making in people’s lives fills our hearts with joy and gratitude.

Speaking of gratitude, lately Heather has been keeping a gratitude journal, jotting down things she is grateful for a few times a week. It’s a powerful personal growth practice to acknowledge little things we often overlook, like a clear blue sky, bright sunshine, the first flowers of spring—and even the gift of sight that lets us see these things. Add to that larger things like great health, a loving family, being able to do meaningful work together as a couple, and we feel great contentment and gratitude, like that expressed in the video above.

Interestingly, as Heather keeps a gratitude journal, she finds herself looking for, and noticing, more and more things to be thankful for. It’s a powerful shift in perception. As Oprah Winfrey wrote recently in O, The Oprah Magazine, “…the more grateful you become, the more you have to be grateful for.” This has been our experience and we hope it is yours too!