With your help spreading the word and lots of online promotion on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., people in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Japan, and Germany downloaded nearly 10,000 copies! This brought the eBook to the #1 spot in its category on Amazon.com. It’s wonderful that the peacemakers’ messages of peace, compassion, and kindness are shining through Kindles around the world, illuminating more hearts and minds. So, thank you for downloading the eBook and helping to spread the word about it.

We’re also seeing more reviews of the book being posted on Amazon.com. Some comments we especially appreciate are: “These stories need to be broadcast until each name is as familiar as an old friend,” and “I would recommend this to anyone looking for words to live by.”

We’re so pleased with the results of this giveaway that we’re thinking about turning it into an annual event, as our way of sharing the peacemakers’ wisdom freely, far and wide, every year for the International Day of Peace.

For now, to keep the momentum going, we’ve decided to continuing offering the eBook at a discounted price just a bit longer. If you or your friends haven’t downloaded a copy yet, feel free to do so here. When you’ve finished reading it, feel free to download the free article and/or share your thoughts about the book by posting a review on Amazon.com. Again, thank you for helping to make this giveaway such a success!