Since the May 3 workshop, several participants have contacted us, saying they are using tools from the session, sharing the insights with their spouses, and making concrete changes to become more peaceful. Needless to say, this makes our hearts sing!

About 25 wonderful people participated in the workshop, many being moved to tears throughout the day. In the end, they gave the workshop an average score of 9.5 out of 10 stars and shared comments such as:

“I believe every child should be taught this class… just getting these 10 insights could help humanity take a turn for the better… I ALWAYS come home from workshops saying I did not learn anything, feeling it was a waste of my time. This is the FIRST time in maybe 2 years that I did NOT feel that way. It was totally worth the time.” –Lori Rubenstein, JD, PCC

“Inspiring and empowering… immediately applicable to my life” –Kelly Cole

“Filled with great concepts and practical applications—loved it!” –Kathy Mackey

“Helped provide me with the structure to move into the next phase of my life” –Debbie Czodli

One new touch we added for this session was that we asked participants to create a personal purpose statement for their life, write it on an index card, and randomly chose a few to share with the group. This process proved powerful for many people.

Purpose Cards

To take the experience to a new level, we have added two exciting new additions to the workshop:

  • A guided 21-day implementation plan after the workshop to help participants more fully integrate the insights into their lives

  • An online forum where participants can share their thoughts and experiences and build friendships with other workshop “alumni”

Following the peacemakers’ example of service, to help earthquake victims in Nepal we decided to donate all of our profits from this session to the disaster relief organization AmeriCares. We felt especially good doing so, since AmeriCares is highly efficient, getting a 4 out of 4 star rating by the independent evaluator Charity Navigator.

Trying to do the peacemakers’ wisdom justice, we will use feedback from this session to further refine the workshop, before presenting it again later this summer.

Eventually, we plan to make the Great Peacemakers Workshop into an e-course/online retreat, so people around the world can benefit from this wisdom. You can sign up for the online course here.

As always, thank you for your interest and support!

In peace, Ken and Heather