In January at our local library, we were joined by nineteen people from across the country with expertise in attending, designing, and/or delivering personal growth workshops, spiritual retreats, or corporate training programs. We invited these specific individuals hoping that they would analyze the full-day workshop in detail and give us specific suggestions for improvement before we open the workshop to the general public.

In the workshop, we distilled lifetimes of wisdom from peacemakers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, and more into 10 key insights that have changed our lives and can change other people’s lives as well. We explored these insights through short multimedia presentations, personalized exercises, and lively group discussions.

Indicating the power of these insights, several times we saw participants being moved to tears (including men). One such point was when everyone wrote things they are grateful for on sticky notes, stuck the notes on a wall, and read each other’s notes.


“Blew me away… So engaging, at no time did I look at clock or my phone. Miracle!!” –Ruth Bond

“Excellent message that was truly life-changing. Extremely important values that relate to all of humanity.”  –Ernie Baillargeon

“Powerful, cogent, clear, inspiring” –Wib Middleton

“Simple, yet so profound… so many insights to living a fulfilling, joyful, and peace-filled life.” –Meghan Baillargeon

We also received helpful suggestions for improvement, which we are taking to heart. Plus, we were pleased to see participants making meaningful connections and sparking new friendships with each other. We are grateful for our time with this special group and look forward to making the workshop even better and presenting it again this May.

Eventually, we will make the workshop into an e-course/online retreat so people around the world can benefit from this wisdom. To be notified when the e-course/online retreat is ready, please sign up here.

We send a heart-felt thank you to all the participants for their help, and to you for your moral support, as we embark on this new phase of the Great Peacemakers adventure!