Student-Turned-Teacher is Inspiring the Next Generation

We’re happy to share this guest post by (to our knowledge) the first person who studied our book, Great Peacemakers, as a middle school student and is now a teacher teaching it to their own middle school students! Thank you so much, Scott Hilliard, […]

Can Compassion for Animals Lead to World Peace?

What does compassion for animals have to do with world peace?

To most of us, not much. But, as my husband and co-author Ken Beller and I realized when we were doing research for our book, Great Peacemakers, they actually go hand-in-hand.

Studying the lives of […]

Copies of Great Peacemakers for Donors to New Film

We are happily offering copies of our award-winning book, Great Peacemakers, as thank you gifts for donors to the powerful new film, The Last Pig. Peacemakers and pigs—what’s the connection? Good question!

As English scholar Henry Salt said, “… as we treat our fellow beings, […]

Great Peacemakers Workshop Already Changing Lives

To our delight, the first open session of our personal growth workshop, 10 Life-changing Insights of Great Peacemakers, in Sedona, AZ is already changing lives!
Since the May 3 workshop, several participants have contacted us, saying they are using tools from the session, sharing the […]

Workshop Moves Participants to Tears

We’re happy to share that the second test run of our new workshop, 10 Life-changing Insights of Great Peacemakers, was not only successful—it moved several participants to tears!

In January at our local library, we were joined by nineteen people from across the country with […]